Calum Chace is a sought-after keynote speaker on the future of artificial intelligence. His keynotes are content-rich containing eye-opening facts, delivered with humour and strong visuals. He has given more than 120 keynotes in 18 countries on five continents. Calum Chace speaks at many different types of events, including corporate events and conferences, but also universities and other institutions. Look through his keynote topics below.

Surviving AI                                                  
  • What is this AI thing anyway?
  • AI’s Big Bang and the state of the art
  • Can we create human-level AI?
  • Would a Superintelligence like us?
  • The promise and the peril
The Philosophy of AI                                   
  • Intelligence, consciousness, and AI
  • Trolleyology: would you throw the fat man off the bridge?
  • Slave to the algorithm (with apologies to Grace Jones)
  • Could a machine be a moral agent?
  • The simulation hypothesis
The Economic Singularity – a jobless future?
  • What is this AI thing anyway?
  • The power of exponentials
  • The Luddite fallacy and its opposite
  • How to be happy in a jobless future
  • A call to arms
Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities
  • Congratulations on choosing to live at the best time ever
  • The extraordinary achievements and promise of AI
  • The economic singularity: joblessness and the leisure society
  • The technological singularity: superintelligence
  • Humanity’s most important century

Watch Calum in action

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  • Surviving AI

    Can we survive AI? According to Calum Chace, artificial intelligence is our most powerful technology, and superintelligence may soon be with us. In the decades to come, it can change everything as we know it. Since the big bang of AI in 2012, its development gathered speed. Learn the challenges and opportunities that humanity will face from artificial intelligence in this thought-provoking keynote.
  • Philosophy of AI

    What is the world coming to? The continued development of artificial intelligence creates new discussions. In the future, we will be slaves to the algorithm. In this keynote, Calum Chace discusses which decisions should be made by machines, and which should be reserved for humans. Additionally, he discusses the simulation hypothesis suggesting that reality may be a simulation created by a post-human society.
  • The Economic Singularity – a jobless future?

    Are we heading to a jobless future? Understand the prospects of artificial intelligence in the job market. In this keynote, speaker Calum Chace will take you through among others the economic singularity, which involves technological unemployment, and the technological singularity concerning the possible creation of superintelligence.
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Two Singularities

    When will it end? The truth is that the revolution of artificial intelligence has only just begun. Speaker Calum Chace argues that the exponential growth of artificial intelligence brings about two singularities, including the economic singularity and the technological singularity. He takes you through the two singularities in this enlightening and engaging keynote on the incredible promise of artificial intelligence.